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Lihit Lab is a company based in Osaka. Since Lihit Lab founding in 1933, they have been working hard to contribute to society through the development of office tools necessary for rationalization, labor saving, and modernization of office work. Lihit Lab are expanding our business both in Japan and overseas as a comprehensive office supplies manufacturer that constantly grasps user needs and plays a part in information culture.

LIHIT is taken from the German word LICHT, which means "light, akebono, hope". LAB. (Laboratory) is an English abbreviation that means "laboratory, laboratory". LAB. is a leading-edge method for elucidating the unknown world and universe, which are human dreams, such as the American space experiment names "Skylab" and "Spacelab." I imagine research and experiments. And LIHIT LAB. expresses the management attitude to challenge tomorrow's unknown world, which is full of hope and possibility.

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